United States of America: Atlanta startup supported by Beyoncé earns $36M

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Atlanta beverage startup, Lemon Perfect has generated excess money in less than a year of accepting investments from a host of celebrities and venture firms.

Famous NBA athlete and comedian, Beyoncé announced Lemon Perfects’ $31 million funding.

76 Investors partook in the recent $36 million round. An amount of $2 million aims to be a startup for the current round which will include celebrity investors.

Venture firms such as Beechwood Capital, Goat Rodeo Capital, Melitas Ventures, Nns Capital, and Trousdale ventures participated in the startup.

Atlanta Company prior to Nexus Circular raising $150 million from Cox Enterprise Inc at the beginning of January has raised an amount of $36 million as its largest investment amount.

The current startup round comes as investors have shifted their focus from growth to profitability, leading to dwindling funding for startups and layoffs from Tech companies trying to reduce costs.

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