Ceepass introduces Nigeria’s First Digital Agro Bank

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In what appears to be a further boost to agriculture in the country, Ceepass.com, Nigeria’s first-of-its-kind digital bank, has opened a new vista of opportunities for subscribers to invest and profit from agricultural businesses.
In a statement, Thursday, signed by the Founder, Adama J. Adama, the innovative digital banking platform, duly registered with Corporate Affairs Corporations and partnering with Central Bank of Nigeria-approved financial institutions, is said to offer subscribers an array of innovative investments opportunities.
“One of which is the option to invest in contract farming or farm produce export financing scheme, powered respectively by Farm4Me, the No 1 Agritech company in Nigeria and the largest contract farming service in the country, and Viable X, the innovative agribusiness platform hailed for its far-reaching impact in the country’s agriculture sector.
“We guarantee investors high return on money invested with us. The bank supports smallholder farmers with credit facilities and farm inputs. Those on the platform can apply and obtain loans for their farming activities, while those who are too busy to engage in agribusiness can invest in farming and watch their investment grow.
“We are giving everyone the opportunity to get involved in agribusiness,” he said.
With over 22,000 users, who are already benefitting from the platform, Adama said the platform is open for business 24 hours.

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