Commercial Drivers threaten to halt all transport business over fuel increment

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Commercial drivers who use the Techiman-Kumasi route have threatened to park their vehicles on the 7th of November, 2022 if government does not listen to them on the matter of fuel reduction.

A set of people who call themselves Alliance of Drivers Ghana, sent their advice to their fellow drivers in Techiman, Kumasi and Accra to comply with their decision and stop work so they do not run at a loss.

Alhaji Yahya Isaka, the National Chairman of Alliance of Drivers Ghana, signed a statement saying that it threatened to put on hold all transport business if the government refuses to hear them out.

“Businesses are suffering, passengers and drivers are fighting on a daily basis because OMCs are always adjusting transport fares upward”.

In a press release by the Alliance of Drivers Ghana, Alhaji Yahya Isaka said they call on all drivers to park their vehicles if fuel prices are not reduced from the coming days.

“The recent fuel price increment is a major concern to drivers and car owners. There have been major calls on government to reduce fuel prices now.

The question we ask is why all this sudden increment fuel prices?

It is not easy for every Ghanaian at this point as this increment has contributed immensely to the increase in general prices of goods and services.

Businesses are suffering, passengers and drivers are fighting on a daily basis because the latter is adjusting transport fare upwards.

The life we live now is a struggle. We call on all drivers to park their cars until further notice.”

“The oil marketing companies are also taking advantage and using dubious means to charge exorbitantly.

The market women are also taking advantage of the current economic hardships to sabotage the system.

The government must sit up and reduce some of the fuel taxes and if possible, introduce other subsidisation policy on petroleum product.

If the above suggestions are not been adhered to by the government, we will urge all drivers and operators to put on hold all transport business.

We believe it can be done and be done well if proper consultation is done on these key decisions as the negative impact it’s having on the ordinary Ghanaian is unbearable.” It added

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