E-commerce platforms resumes operating in SA

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The Consumer Goods Council of South Africa welcomed the decision to allow the resumption of the sale of the full range of products through e-commerce platforms yesterday.

E-commerce formally resumed in South Africa yesterday as the country relaxed its regulations but remains in level 4 lockdown.

The council has been lobbying the government to allow e-commerce businesses to provide a purchase and delivery service in a way that avoids human contact in line with social distancing protocols.

Many countries in the world with e-commerce, such as the US, UK, broader Europe and most of Asia, have not imposed any restrictions on the distribution of goods by e-commerce means during their national lockdowns.

Shoppers can purchase all goods available for transaction through e-commerce platforms, with the exception of liquor and tobacco.

This follows the recent announcement by President Ramaphosa that e-commerce would be expanded beyond what has been announced previously. “These gazetted directions enable the sale of products through e-commerce platforms and delivery-systems that are currently not available at retail outlets, including household appliances, electronic goods, furniture, books, music, gym products, the full range of clothing and footwear products, household utensils and others”, a statement from the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition said.

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