Electricity plants make up 60% of Egypt’s gas consumption in FY2020/21

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The Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS) estimated that electricity plants will receive 60% of the total domestic gas consumption during the fiscal year (FY) 2020/21, industry sources told the Daily News Egypt on Sunday.

Also, they revealed that Egypt’s industrial sector will receive 30%, and cars, houses and gas derivatives 10%, with the surplus exported through the liquefaction factory.

A source at EGAS told DNE that the domestic gas consumption in FY 2020/21 is estimated to be 7.3bn cubic feet per day (scf/day), due to the industrial development plan, increase in electricity production, the increase in number of households connected to the natural gas grid, and conversion of cars to natural gas.

He pointed out that the growing market needs will be met by connecting wells from Zohr and North Alexandria gas fields to the natural gas grid.

In regards to the current fiscal year, he revealed that domestic gas consumption is estimated to reach nearly 6.5bn scf/day.

Egypt’s overall development plans forecast that domestic gas average consumption to record 9bn scf/day, by FY2020/21.

The Ministry of Petroleum aims to link Zohr, North Alexandria, and Borollos gas field to increase domestic gas production.

In addition to the gas imports from Cyprus and Israel, which will help to operate the gas liquefication plants at their contractual rate.

The plan of the Ministry of Petroleum aims to complete the implementation of the fields of Zohr and North Alexandria, as well as the fields of Borollos.

The source pointed out that the increase in Egypt’s natural gas production contributed to achieving self-sufficiency locally, with the operation of the Idku liquefaction plants through the gas coming from Cyprus and Israel and the Jordan gas pipeline, while retaining the gasification ship in the Arab Petroleum Pipelines Company (SUMED)’s pier at Ain Sokhna port.


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