First Finance unveils two mutual funds to enhance culture of investment

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The limited liability company offering Asset Management Services First Finance Company Limited, has launched two Mutual Funds onto the Ghanaian Market with a call on Investors to take control of their future by investing in the Funds.

Hence the financial Independence Fund is an emergency fund with the purpose of investing in high-quality Investment-grade fixed income securities that will provide security and liquidity for investors in emergencies such as temporal loss of income.

The Elite Mutual Fund, alongside is a dual Retirement and Educational Fund that will invest in a combination of Equities, and Fixed Income Securities across the globe.

The main goal of the Fund is to provide enhancement in the medium to long-term and to ensure that investors have a comfortable retirement and also have adequately prepared towards their ward’s college education.

CEO of First Finance Company Limited, Managers of the two Funds, Gloria Akoto, in a presentation said the two offers proposes to raise a total subscription of GH¢400,000 between September 25th and October 16th 2019.

The Financial Independence Fund has an initial minimum subscription of GH¢200 and thereafter a minimum of GH¢100 to top up. The Elite Fund, also has an initial minimum subscription and top up of GH¢100.

Whiles acknowledging the recent financial sector uncertainty, Mrs. Akoto said Investor Confidence is being restored in the market with a call on all market operators to educate the public on the benefits of investing.

She mentioned that Wealth is created over a long-term and edged the public to invest in Mutual Funds to diversify and reduce risk as there are always opportunities in times of severe market corrections.

Board Chairman of the Financial Independence Fund, Zack Bentum said, “We believe that the Elite Mutual fund and Financial Independence Mutual Fund will be a successful venture. With the growing appetite for education on funds in the Ghanaian market, we believe we will be able to reach our goal of gaining a considerable market share, with a strong emphasis on public education about the benefits of investing and planning for the future.”

First Finance Company Limited (FFC) is a with focus on advisory and funds management in Ghana’s growing financial market. The Company is licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission Ghana.

The objective of the company is to make investments attractive and easily accessible to the investing public.

Source: Joyoline


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