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Ghana: Adamus Mining Resources introduces 100-tonne Liebherr haulage trucks for enhanced production

Adamus Resources Limited, a wholly Ghanaian-owned mining company, has increased its production capacity by launching over a dozen Liebherr haulage trucks at its site in Esiama, Ellembelle District, Western Region. The financial backing for this expansion comes from its parent company, Nguvu Mining Limited.

The acquisition of haulage trucks is a crucial step in expanding its heavy-duty equipment fleet, supporting the company’s aggressive exploration program. This achievement marks a significant milestone in realizing the company’s major goal and enhances its ground resources.

The colourful event was witnessed by some prominent chiefs of the Nzema Traditional Council led by the President of the Eastern Nzema Traditional Council, Awulae Amihere Kpanyinli III . Also at the ceremony were the Western Regional Minister, Kwabena Okyere Darko-Mensah; the District Chief Executive of Elembelle, Kojo Bonzoe;  the Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Chamber of Mines, among other players of the mining industry.

The Western Regional Minister, Mr. Darko-Mensah, praised the management of Nguvu Mining Limited for its continuous investments and immense contribution to the local economy, especially with the employment of over 1,100 indigenes by the company. He added that without Adamus Mining in Elembelle, the local economy would have collapsed.

He emphasized that Adamus’ commitment to community engagement has reached a notable point, where the company actively includes residents in responsible and sustainable community mining initiatives. Furthermore, he highlighted that the company has completed necessary preparations to commence community mining on its concessions. Adamus is effectively supporting and overseeing this project to ensure the sustainable development of mining activities in the Ellembelle District.

The Regional Minister said he believes that the new arrangements are more sustainable and will ensure that the people of Nzema own some of the productive mining businesses in their district to generate revenue for themselves and their communities. “As an advocate for mining myself, I do believe that if Ghana has to grow, then it means that we have to consistently support the mining sector in this country.”

He emphasized the undeniable fact that without gold, Ghana’s economy would have faced significant challenges post the COVID-19 pandemic. Consequently, he has been advocating for a boost in gold production to bolster Ghana’s economy and uplift all mining communities.

source: thebftonline.com

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