Ghana: BoG introduces Beta Version of Macroeconomic Database Portal

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The Bank of Ghana (BoG) has unveiled the Beta Version of its Database Portal.

This initiative is aimed at creating a unified platform for extracting and visualizing macroeconomic data.

The introduction of this portal aligns with international best practices and reflects the Bank’s dedication to enhanced transparency, particularly in relation to its inflation targeting framework for monetary policy.

The portal will also help meet data request demands from the general public and support research work.

The data contained in the portal is organised along five main Economic Sectors are External Sector, Financial Sector, Fiscal Sector, Monetary Sector, Real Sector and Survey Based Indicators

The macroeconomic data consists of 255 monthly and 86 quarterly time series data, sourced from the Bank of Ghana and other significant stakeholder institutions.

Data updates and revisions will adhere to the Data Release Calendar published on the portal.

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