Ghana: Taptap Send sets up call center in Accra

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Taptap Send sets up a Call Centre in Accra to offer jobs to young Ghanaians and make money transfer safer and faster for its global clients and most especially Ghanaians. 

Growth Director, Africa for Taptap Send, Darryl Koku Mawutor Abraham, says “the state of youth unemployment in Ghana is precarious and gradually getting to the point of a national security threat which must be of concern to all Ghanaians and entities doing business in the country”

The call centre is for the purposes of helping meet the unemployment challenge in the country and also forms part of the global collaborative and networking efforts aimed at improving lives of citizens across the world.

Also, the Global Director of Customer Services for Taptap Send, Mr. Marcin Kupczak added, the company understands money transfer transactions better because it was set up by more than 90% immigrants who come from different countries other than the metropolis and that explains why Taptap Send does not charge any fees for its services.

The Call Centre in Accra is to help improve clients and customer relations and provide best opportunity for feedback for a better resolution of any challenges that  a client may face. 

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