Ghana: UBA introduces Super Savings Promo

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United Bank for Africa (UBA) Ghana Ltd breaks new ground in banking with the launch of the Super Savings Promo, providing customers with an attractive 10% interest rate on savings.

The promo to run from November 2023 through to February 2024 covers a wide spectrum of savings accounts, including Regular Savings, Kiddies, NextGen, and Target accounts.

As per the statement from the Accra-based bank, customers stand to benefit from a significant interest rate increase by UBA Ghana Ltd if they boost their deposits by a minimum of GHS 300.Chris Ofikulu, Regional CEO for UBA West Africa and Managing Director of UBA Ghana said”. At UBA, we believe in giving back to our customers and potential customers. We understand the importance of savings and the role it plays in securing one’s future. The Super Savings Promo is our way of demonstrating our commitment to our valued customers by offering them an industry-leading 10 per cent interest rate.”

The Super Savings Promo is designed to empower individuals and families to achieve their financial goals. By offering an exceptional interest rate, UBA is encouraging responsible saving practices, helping customers to grow their wealth, and ensuring a secure financial future.

The Super Savings Promo is poised to ignite customer enthusiasm. As the campaign gains traction, it is anticipated to have a positive effect on the financial well-being of numerous individuals and families throughout Ghana.

Customers can seize the benefits of the Super Savings Promo, with its enticing 10% interest rate, by increasing their savings by at least GHS 300 in their eligible UBA savings accounts. To qualify for the 10% interest rate, they need to maintain this balance throughout the promo period.

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