JKIA is the 4th Busiest Airport in Africa

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Data from the Airport Council International proves that the Jomo Kenyata International Airport has been adjudged the 4th busiest airport in Africa in the newly ratings.

The numerical research lists includes comparing the total number of flights which is defined as, passengers who boarded the plane and passengers who do not board the plane, plus direct transit passengers, according to the data received from the Airport Council.

These are the main measures which were used to tabulate the rankings.

These measures were also attributed to the sudden number of people who travel from Kenya and those who arrive in Kenya, in connection with the new upgrade of the Jomo International Airport, it also includes the newly introduced direct flight from Kenya to New York.

According to the report recent terror attacks was the reason why the airport did not make it to the top three.

Jomo Kenyata International Airport (JKIA) is located in Nairobi and the airport is known to be the largest airport in Kenya. The airport holds about 126 passenger flights each day.

The airport handles flights to 63 destinations with 32 scheduled passenger traffic airlines.

The flight with the longest travelling time is from the Jomo kenyata International Airport, Nairobi to New York and it takes 15 hours with a Boeing 787-8 flight.

Another route to Mombasa has the largest departures, an average of 126 flights each week, representing 14 percent of all weekly take- offs.

Kenya Airways has the largest airlines at the airport, with 462 scheduled departures each week.

Johannesburg International (JNB) was ranked as the first busiest airport in Africa handling around 281 passenger flights on average per day.

The best five busiest International Airports are, Johannesburg International Airport, South Africa, Cairo International Airport, Egypt, Bole International Airport, Ethiopia, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Kenya and Cape Town International Airport, South Africa.

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