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Kenya: Ericsson intends to expand its 5G presence in East Africa

Ericsson is placing its strategic focus on leveraging the increasing adoption of 5G networks in the nation and across East African member states to propel its growth in the region.

This development coincides with a heightened level of competition in the 5G arena, where various telecommunications companies are expanding their network coverage to deliver faster internet speeds.

The global technology firm has revealed that it’s looking to tap these opportunities in the region for growth and to ensure the  increased adoption of its equipment in the region.

The global technology company has disclosed its intention to seize these opportunities within the region to foster growth and enhance the widespread adoption of its equipment in this area.

Ericssons’ vice president and head of networks in middle east and Africa Chafic Traboulsi said Ericssons’ priority is driving the deployment of 5G networks across the regions and ensuring that the robust 5G infrastructure of today continues to evolve towards the 6G era.

More than 10 countries have launched commercial 5G networks to date, with more planned, raising the forecast for 5G subscriptions to 13 percent of the total subscription base.

“We believe the future of 5G networks will be powered by AI, which will allow a higher degree of autonomous operation. AI is poised to make waves in terms of improved performance, higher efficiency, enhanced customer experience, as well as creation of new business models and use cases” he said.

Within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, it is anticipated that 5G subscriptions will make up 32 percent of the overall total by 2028. This projection stems from the increasing number of countries granting licenses and spectrum to facilitate investments in 5G networks.

This robust adoption is propelled by the increased availability of devices and the early, extensive deployment of 5G networks in specific markets.

As per data from the Communications Authority, 5G technology is presently accessible in 21 counties within Kenya.

The adoption of mobile broadband has been on the rise due to consumers’ increasing demand for faster internet speeds.

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