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Kenya: Firm poised to leverage expanding forex market

Rising economic challenges in Kenya are driving an increasing number of employed individuals to explore forex trading as a supplementary income source, as reported by FX Champions, a prominent global forex market information resource company.

The foreign exchange market, often known as Forex or FX, serves as the worldwide platform where currencies from different nations are exchanged or traded.

The younger population in Kenya has shown interest in forex trading as a means of generating income. Mainly drawn to the flexibility and accessibility of online forex platforms.

“We aim to engage everyone who is interested in forex trading be it on a part time basis or as an alternative source of income. We are committed to transparency and dedicated to financial education, as we are poised to become a significant player in the region’s financial markets,” said Manzi.

The regulatory landscape for forex trading in Kenya has been adapting to meet the increasing demand in the market.

Under the regulatory frameworks established by the Capital Market Authority (CMA), both individuals and companies engaging in forex trading in Kenya benefit from safeguards that ensure protection, transparency, and fairness. The authority plays a crucial role in overseeing trading activities within the country.

Speaking at an official launch of the firm’s forex trading office, the firm’s CEO noted that there has been an increased emphasis on financial education in Kenya, which has empowered individuals to explore alternative investment opportunities, including forex trading.

“More people are becoming aware of the potential benefits and risks associated with forex trading,” he added.

David Manzi expressed that the motivation behind the idea stemmed from the necessity to tackle the financial challenges experienced by a significant number of Kenyans seeking alternative sources of income.

The FX Champions framework will also be structured to provide all the resources required to evolve into an expert trader – ranging from core competencies of understanding macro market forces and the basics of technical analysis to trading psychology to more complex FX trading concepts and strategies.

“The platform also provides a solid grounding in the understanding of risk management and the responsible use of leverage – all provided by a totally independent training facility not aligned with any brokerage and without the requirement to invest real funds,” added Manzi.

The foreign exchange market is a global decentralized or over-the-counter market for the trading of currencies.

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