Kenya: Jubilee Insurance introduces telematics to shape health habits

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Jubilee Health Insurance has introduced health telematics to encourage wellness and foster a healthy lifestyle among its customers and the broader community.

Dubbed, the ‘Do Anything For The Steps’ campaign, the health telematics will target both existing Jubilee health customers and non-customers in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

The initiative is anticipated to empower individuals to actively manage their health by integrating practical physical activities into their daily routines.

The World Health Organization advises individuals aged 18 to 64 to engage in 150-300 minutes of physical activity per week.

The firm says time constraint is one of the major obstacles to an active lifestyle.

“Many people are caught up in the daily demands of work, family and other responsibilities making it hard to allocate time for exercise,” Jubilee says. “For some people, embracing an active lifestyle often seems like a difficult and strenuous task. This perceived difficulty discourages many individuals from engaging in physical activity.”

Thus, the campaign emphasizes that individuals can fulfill the daily recommended steps outlined by the World Health Organization.

“Participants will be required to identify and consistently engage in physical activities that keep them active,” it says.

While speaking during the launch, Jubilee Insurance Group Chief Operating Officer Juan Cazcarra noted that embracing physical activity does not require complicated workout plans.

“Our company is committed to enabling our customers access both preventative and curative care, this programme will demystify physical activity while making movement a natural and enjoyable part of everyday life,” Cazcarra said.

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