Kenya: mTek Teams Up with BuyRentKenya to Advance Digital Home Insurance Products

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mTek, a digital insurance platform, has partnered with BuyRentKenya, a real estate platform, to bolster the insurance ecosystem in Kenya through technological innovation.

The collaboration aims to provide a platform-as-a-service, enhancing operational efficiency within the sector and facilitating seamless connectivity across the entire ecosystem.

An integral component of the agreement involves GA Insurance Kenya’s participation as the underwriter for the home insurance products available through mTek’s platform.

Commenting on the partnership, mTek CEO Bente Krogmann emphasized that the deal is pivotal in expanding their digital insurance services to a broader spectrum of homeowners in Kenya.

“Our objective is to leverage technology to streamline the insurance process and enhance accessibility. Working with BuyRentKenya, we are dedicated to fostering innovation and digitisation in the insurance industry,” Krogmann said.

The CEO of BuyRentKenya, Elizabeth Costabir, expressed their commitment to leveraging their strengths and resources in the partnership. Their aim is to create a seamless and user-friendly insurance experience for homeowners, ultimately enhancing the protection and security of their properties.

“This collaboration will not only streamline the insurance purchasing process but also enhance the overall customer experience, creating an informed real estate environment for homeowners and tenants alike,” she said.

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