Nigeria: Dukka Limited to provide cashless transactions for small businesses

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A bookkeeping and payments solutions company, Dukka Limited has announced plans to equip small business owners with payment platforms for cashless transactions.

Chief Executive Officer of Dukka Limited, Keturah Ovio said the company’s mission is to drive financial inclusion among Africa’s small businesses by providing them with easy-to-use digital technology to grow their businesses.

Dukka’s Point of Sale (POS) terminal enables small business owners to accept cash and digital payments method for a better view of business performance reports.

“This innovation is revolutionary at a time in the industry when the Federal Government is pushing its cashless policy. Unsurprisingly, there has been a surge in the number of business owners demanding Dukka’s POS terminals ahead of its launch.

“Founded in March 2021, Dukka is creating an operating system for small businesses to manage their finances better and accept any type of payment from customers across multiple sales channels,” Keturah Ovio said.

Keturah Ovio added that Dukka envisions a world where small businesses anywhere can scale sustainably by making smarter, data-driven business decisions. “It achieves this by imbibing the culture of bookkeeping in small businesses across Africa through their use of its suite of business tools and resources, thereby enabling them to accept and track digital payments in today and tomorrow’s economy,” she said.

Dukka’s POS terminal offers a free bookkeeping app for small businesses.

Keturah Ovio stated that the POS terminal enables small merchants to accept physical and online payments from customers.

“Since inception, Dukka has onboarded over 200,000 small business owners across all 36 states in Nigeria, likewise Ghana and some other countries in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the United States, with a significant number of small business owners attesting to the ease of use. Dukka is helping small business owners across 15 business categories, to manage their bookkeeping on a daily basis. Dukka’s POS terminals are rich with incredible features such as the ability to sell goods and receive instant payments, update inventory, generate receipts and invoices, evaluate daily business performance, and pay suppliers via bank transfers all from the POS terminal,” she stressed.

Dukka remains focused on helping small businesses globally to become big businesses by arming business owners with the right tools to grow and scale their businesses within the shortest possible time.

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