Nigeria: TNL aims to halve energy costs for businesses

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Taranis Novus (TNL), an emerging startup in energy, agribusiness, construction, and digital technology, seeks to reduce energy costs for businesses in Nigeria.

During the inauguration of a strategic alliance with LithTech, a prominent player in renewable energy solutions with R&D operations in Germany and a production facility in Shenzhen, China, Kehinde Olaleye, the visionary founder, underscored the transformative impact of integrating LithTech products. He emphasized that such integration empowers businesses to flourish, unburdened by worries about unpredictable power availability, as expressed at the Lagos International Trade Fair.

“Given the recent subsidy removal, we aim to reduce the cost of energy solutions for businesses. In the health sector where we also provide solutions, we intend to bring down the energy cost of hospitals so that many Nigerians can afford good health,” Olaleye said.

LithTech products, distinguished by their top-notch quality, extended lifespan, and cutting-edge technology integration, have garnered notable success in diverse markets. Anticipated to fulfill the rising demand for dependable and cost-effective renewable energy solutions, they are poised to make a substantial impact not only in Nigeria but across the entirety of Africa.

Leo Liu, the International Sales Director at LithTech Global, expressed the company’s eagerness to impart knowledge to Nigerians regarding the intricacies of solar energy technology. This initiative aligns with their commitment to offering off-grid solutions for both residential and commercial customers in the country.

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