Online Programme Benefits 128,000 Youth in Tanzania

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In a bid to tackle youth unemployment in Tanzania, At least 128,000 youth, aged between 15 and 35 in Kinondoni District, Dar es Salaam have benefited from online creativity and entrepreneurship related trainings aimed at fighting unemployment in the country.

It is through the support from Danish Embassy in Tanzania, which released about 1.19bn/- for various youth empowerment programmes, including Business Entrepreneurship Skills Platform (BESP) which has been implemented by Tanzania Digital Innovation Youth Empowerment (TADIYE) and Dar Teknohama Business Incubator (DTBI) among others, from June 2018 to December 2019.

According to the BESP Coordinator, Mr Makange Mramba, said recently that in Dar es Salaam over 300m/- has already been distributed to over 20 youth, whose creativity works were highly competitive and useful in addressing various challenges in the society.

“But today we are here to award another batch of youth who came with various ICT related solutions, including websites creation.

He stated further, there are over 100 youth who completed their primary school education last year. We conducted these programmes when they were waiting for their final exam results just to make them avoid staying idle, but also to gain this important knowledge in such a period”.

According to him, Kijitonyama Primary school is one of the selected training points, which is equipped with over 30 computers and other supporting devices to enable them have access to various on line materials, advance their creativities and bring quick ICT solutions to various ICT problems in communities.

Representative of Kinondoni Education Officer, who also doubles as Head Master of Makumbusho Secondary School, Mr Mwita Boaz advised the programmes runners to expand the trainings’ scope in secondary schools because not all students do succeed to continue with further education, hence, it could be the right time to apply the given computer knowledge soon after completing their secondary education and therefore solve unemployment challenge.

He added that: “Most importantly is that almost all secondary schools have computer devices but no enough skilled personnel to operate them. These BESP runners would therefore save in filling the gap.

But all in all, the programmes are most useful to our children. I also urge parents to give their children a chance to participate”.

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