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Persistence is key to success- Fitness entrepreneur discloses

Forbes has placed a spotlight on a fitness entrepreneur, Amanda Kloots in their Forbes Women Article.

The American television personality and author, Amanda Kloots believes becoming an entrepreneur takes efforts of determination and persistence.

Kloots discovered her love for arts in middle school, attended auditions for shows during senior year, and performed on stage for over 17 years.

Aiming to change the status quo, Kloots ventured fully into the business in 2015. Leaving the studio with large followers to focus on her business was a bit challenging. Yet, her perseverance catapulted the brand’s image and success.

“As a first-time entrepreneur, I didn’t know anything,” she humbly explains. “I have a very creative mind. I don’t have a business mind. I love having people on my team with that business mind because I’m just more of a creative cat. It’s impossible not to learn. You learn by your mistakes; you learn by your successes.”

For the past years of being consistent with her brand, Amanda has partnered with brands like American Express, Vita Coco, and General Mills.

Her inspiration for becoming an author aaa after the demise of her husband, Nick Cordero. A prominent broadway actor passed away during the outbreak of the Covid pandemic leaving behind his wife and newborn baby.

Struggling through hard times in an uncertain moment, Kloots proposed her book, “Tell Me Your Dreams” to keep her late husband’s spirit alive with her and their son.

“This one bedtime routine of ours became something special,” she shares. “I was starting to tell him what his dream would be that night. And I would take him on a big fantastical adventure idea every night… This book has a lot to do with dreaming. I’m a big dreamer. It also incorporates seeing the people that we’ve lost in our lives when we dream. I very much wanted to encourage any widow or widower like myself or any mother or father that’s lost a child when you are dreaming, you can visit these people, or they can visit you. You can go on amazing adventures.”

Apart from being a Television personality, Amanda believes creativity and self-motivation also contribute to a person’s business success.

” Creativity and self-motivation are driving factors for both professions especially leaving to market, building a network, and increasing brand awareness effectively”. She concluded.

Source: Forbes

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