Spectranet Unveils Car-Fi to Enhance Customer Experience

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As part of its commitment to deliver the best product for its customers, Spectranet 4G LTE has unveiled an innovative product recently in Lagos called the Car-Fi, it is targeted at premium internet customers and designed to enable internet services/broadband on the go.

Explaining further, the Spectranet Car-Fi was said to be the first of its kind since the commencement of internet service offering. Meanwhile, it is a thumb-sized, integrated 4G mobile wireless router that takes power from the car lighter socket. Once it is powered, the device can convert 4G signal to Wi-Fi signal, thus connecting up to 10 phones, tablets and other Wi-Fi enabled devices. The Car-Fi draws power from the car battery ensuring continuous availability of internet services on-the-move. With this innovation, occupants of a car can enjoy seamless internet browsing experience while on the move.

The distinct initiative also comes with standard USB charging interface that can provide 5V/2.1A output to other devices. It also supports micro USB input interface.

The Chief Executive Officer Spectranet, Mr. Ajay Awasthi, while launching the product said: “Spectranet 4G LTE, as a leading Internet Service Provider, always endeavour to launch innovative products and services for its discerning customers. By staying at the cutting edge of innovation, we ensure that the evolving needs of our customers are addressed well-in-time and well ahead of others. The launch of Car-Fi is going to further endear the Brand Spectranet to its customers and strengthen its position as a leading and an innovative internet service provider.

“Spectranet Car-Fi is a premium lifestyle product and addresses the need of the people who are always on the move. The product is borne of insight that due to heavy traffic most people within the city spend good productive hours on the road. As a consumer-centric brand which believes in delivering “more” to its customers, we decided to introduce this innovative product, enabling our customers to work from the comfort of their vehicle while on the go.” Awasthi said.

Apart from work, “the Spectranet Car-Fi is also a device for multiple co-travelers in a vehicle, like in a staff bus, who can stay connected and use the travel time in a productive manner,” Awasthi added.

The new launched product brought together influencers and members of the information technology reporting community. The event culminated with a firsthand experience of the quality of the product for the community through a special drive within the city of Lagos in a car with the Car-Fi.

Also, some who had the firsthand experience of Car-Fi during the launch, said “Spectranet Car-Fi is a unique product in the Nigerian market and this launch in the country through an innovative brand such as Spectranet 4G LTE gives huge credence to the quality and reputation of Spectranet 4G LTE.”

Spectranet Limited was one of the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) to launch 4G LTE internet service in Nigeria. The brand is known for providing affordable, faster and more reliable internet broadband to Nigerian homes and offices. Its internet service is currently available across Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan and Port Harcourt.

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