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Spectranet Unveils Voice Over LTE(VOLTE) with WiTel Desk Phones

In line with its tag line ‘Do More,’ Spectranet, the WiFi Network, has unveiled another innovative service – Voice Over LTE(VOLTE), the latest in voice technology with WiTel desk phones, specially designed to provide both voice and data connectivity.

During the product launch in Lagos recently, Spectranet Witel was described as the All-in-One Magic Box, which is a portable wireless desk phone, acting as an internet modem and a desk phone.

During the demonstration of the product, Spectranet CTO, Mr. Nommy Paul, mentioned that one of the most significant features of the VOLTE-powered Witel desk phone was the distinct high-definition voice call. “The most noticeable benefit consumers will experience with Witel is an improved voice quality during calls made from Spectranet WITEL Desk Phone to other networks. Each Witel desk phone comes with a dedicated 7-digit landline number unique to its owner. The phone has a host of other features like – Quick dial facility for kids, an Internet connection for up to 10 devices, an Inbuilt battery with up to 4 hours standby time and a Phone book that can store up to 800 contacts,” Paul said.

According to him, Witel Desk Phones will benefit families with kids and the elderly at home. Asides from providing WiFi connectivity to the entire family, the desk phone will enable them to make calls effortlessly using the Quick Dial facility.

The unique landline line number will enable small and medium businesses like restaurants, beauty salons, and advertising agencies and traders to publish this number as a permanent number for customers to call. While also using the inbuilt internet modem to provide internet connectivity for their staff

Speaking during the launch of WiTel, Chief Executive Officer of Spectranet, Mr. Ajay Awasthi, said the launch of WiTel remained a significant step for the company, as the introduction of the product is the first of its kind in the Nigerian market.

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