SMEs adviced to Adopt Integrated Marketing Strategy

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To increase profit in a competitive market like Nigeria the Small, Medium and Enterprises (SMEs) in the country has been charged to make judicious use of real-time power of Information, Communication & Technology (ICT) to create a strong link between their products and customers.

Speaking at a Public Presentation and Book Launch of “Marketing for Beginners: Comprehensive Guide for Schools and Colleges”, in Lagos, the author Mr. Adebayo Adeniji, advised SMEs to leverage technology to improves sales as stated in the 320-page book.

He mentioned that, the book was produced out of passion to add value to peoples’ lives, saying he discovered that business owners, entrepreneurs, students could make more impacts and live a fulfilling life if they have a better understanding of marketing.

Adeniji, noted that the book was written with colourful presentation to make it easy for anybody to ready and applied across various SMEs ventures.

He also explained that, “whatever product or service that you have to offer you need a basic knowledge of marketing. There is a lot of misconception about marketing; people think is about getting a product, sells and make money.

“Marketing is about adding value as there are two things people would ever buy; a solution to problem and good feelings. So is more than getting product from warehouse or the producer, but creating awareness about product or service.”

Meanwhile, in a speech, the Knowledge Management and Communication Coordinator, Niger Delta, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)- Livelihood Improvement Family Enterprise (LIFE) project, Professor Desmond Okocha, said SMEs are now strategic and essential for accelerating economic growth in Nigeria.

“In the current economic climate entrepreneurs are required to keep their businesses profitable, while spending as little money as possible. As a result, entrepreneurs should adopt an integrated approach to marketing their business, as the heart of a business’s success lies in its marketing strategy.” Professor Desmond Okocha added.



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