Telecel Group assures Vodafone staff over maintaining job positions

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Co-founder and Director of the Board of Telecel Group, Nicolas Bourg has stated that the management of Telecel group has no plans of laying off  Vodafone  staff after taking over the company.

This follows the National Communications Authority’s approval for the transfer of the 70% majority shares in Ghana Telecommunications Company Limited (Vodafone Ghana) held by Vodafone International Holdings B.V. to Telecel Group.

The staff of Vodafone have been uneasy over their job security since the news of the takeover was approved.

Speaking about the issue at hand, Nicolas Bourg said “we don’t have any plans to lay off anybody. That’s not the way we operate in Telecel. We proved it with different organisations that we have in different sectors. Our plan is to keep every employee of Vodafone.” 

He also expressed delight at the progress made so far, saying  “We’re very happy about it. It’s been a year of talking with them (NCA) for us to work with them and fit into their needs, and today we are in a very constructive state of mind with them.”

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