ThriveAgric sets to empower 1 Million Smallholder Farmers with Agri-Tech Solutions

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ThriveAgric, a fast growing technology-driven agricultural company, has unveiled the first of many initiatives, the ThriveAgric Marketplace, under its new strategy of ‘Farmer Obsession’ to empower over 1 million smallholder farmers in the country.

According to the company in a statement, the company seeks to champion total wellbeing for smallholder farmers, with the end goal of promoting commercial over subsistence farming, and in turn, food security.

Commenting on the initiative and new strategy, the Chief Executive Officer, ThriveAgric, Uka Eje, expressed the company’s desire to transform agricultural infrastructures in Africa.

He said: “In recent times, experts argue that agricultural production in Sub-Saharan Africa remains lower than the rest of the world due to factors such as limiting regulations, climate, soil quality, disease, and a reliance on subsistence farming. Yet, in time past, our continent boasted of thriving agricultural systems, which enabled food production and security. “At ThriveAgric, we aim to overthrow this current trend and rebuild Africa’s agricultural systems through our new strategy and attendant initiatives which will encourage scale by positioning our smallholder farmers to derive more value for their efforts. In the long term, this will contribute to the sustainable growth of Africa’s agricultural sector and support food security, manufacturing, and trade.”

While commenting, the company’s vice president, Commercial, Adetoro Akindele, said, “ThriveAgric has identified a huge gap in our agriculture sector and has begun to provide necessary & expedient solutions for Nigerians and Africa as a whole, particularly with skyrocketing food prices. Towards implementing these solutions, we will continue to seek avenues to achieve our organisational objectives and grow through vertical and horizontal integration. “Our vision is to build an Africa that feeds herself and the world, and it is well within reach with the right support and financial backing. The agriculture industry has so much to offer.”

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