Viou Unveils Mobile App to Showcase African Story

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Viou has unveiled a mobile app, designed to create a community of African visual content creators that will use the platform to tell the African story.

Speaking at the launch in Lagos recently, Co-founder of Viou, Asabe Vincent-Otiono, said the app would give a voice to African visual content creators and enable them to tell the African story.

Another Co-founder of Viou, Rhema Komolafe, said: “We have good things to showcase about Africa and Africans and we need Africans to tell the African story. No one else will tell the African story better than Africans. So the Viou app is meant to bridge that gap. The platform will help the African visual content developers to showcase their talent and also help them to get paid in a most rewarding way. The app will also help to tell the good things about Nigeria. Most information that are out, do not portray Africans well, so the app will help the world to see the good aspects of Nigerians and Africans.”

Speaking about the local content of the app, Vincent-Otiono said the app was locally developed by Nigerians.

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