Christie Obiaya named CEO of Heliogen Inc

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Former Heliogen Chief Financial Officer Christie Obiaya has been made CEO and brought to the company’s board of directors.

Following conflicts with the company’s founder and former CEO, Heliogen Inc, a renewable solar energy company has appointed Christie Obiaya as the new leader and chief executive officer of the company.

Obiaya takes the place of Bill Gross who was laid off as the CEO of Heliogen after he resigned from the board of directors as director and chairman.

Gross announced his decision to step down as CEO to Heliogen’s board last year, recommending an unidentified candidate from outside the company to step into the role of the president before moving up to CEO after six months, Gross said in his resignation letter to the board. Gross wrote that the board of directors approved and nominated his candidate, but senior management at Heliogen objected, as several members “threaten to quit.” Gross said that the board supported the existing management team, promoting Obiaya.

“This past weekend, the board voted against making an offer to the excellent president/CEO candidate we identified, choosing instead to terminate me and promote an internal executive as CEO,” Gross said in his resignation. “I do not support that decision as an officer, director, or stockholder.”

Heliogen’s board of directors in response to Gross in a statement indicated that it is in the company’s interest to promote the company’s priorities.

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