Ghana: President of Ghana commissions Expanded GB Foods Factory in Tema

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President of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has commissioned the expanded GB Foods Factory in Tema and pledges to continue unleashing the innovative, entrepreneurial instincts of the Ghanaian private sector to spur rapid growth and create more jobs.

He asserts that his government’s stated objective has always been to unleash the full potential of the private sector and the entrepreneurial spirit of Ghanaians in order to bring wealth and jobs to all Ghanaians and to establish Ghana as a top investment destination.

His government is poised to unlock the full potential of the private sector and the Ghanaian sense of enterprise to create jobs and prosperity for all Ghanaians. 

He said,  “the government I lead is a natural cheerleader for the private sector, and it is my sincere wish that GB Foods, and, indeed, the Ghanaian private sector will continue to invest further in Ghana. Cascading investments in our economy is the most effective way to expand and strengthen it in order to create the many jobs our young people so ardently want. It will happen, and soon.”

“It is for this reason that, when we assumed office in 2017, my government put in place measures to reduce the cost of doing business and improve the business environment.” he further stated.

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