Ghana: TIAST Group unveils financial module to aid agro-processing companies

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Industrial machine maker, TIAST Group has unveiled a new financial module that aims to quickly finance the establishment of agro-processing companies by investors and entrepreneurs in the agribusiness sector.

Agrobusiness investors and entrepreneurs can now more easily fund the construction of agroprocessing businesses thanks to a new financial module from industrial machine manufacturer TIAST Group.

Director of Business Development at TIAST Ghana, Priscilla Fiati, stated that her organization seeks to maximize the value of relationships with agribusiness investors in order to promote agricultural growth and development.

“What we do is that if the client cannot do 100%, we are willing to guarantee a financial leasing of 80% of the total cost of the project,” 

She is confident that the project will support agricultural development, which will result in increased employment prospects, higher export rates, and a growth in the local market.

She continued by saying that TIAST creates and produces a wide range of machinery and is seeking to assist investors in purchasing some of the most cutting-edge agro-processing equipment through a flexible funding package.

She urged farmers, business owners, and entrepreneurs to utilize the financial assistance and construct agro-processing facilities throughout all 16 regions to spur economic growth.

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