India: Krishna World University awards Senator Dr. Rasha Kelej a Doctorate of Letter Degree

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Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Merck Foundation, Senator, Dr. Rasha Kelej has been bestowed with the Doctorate of Letter (D.Litt) Degree by the Krishna World University, India during their special Convocation Ceremony which was held at the University campus.

In expression by Senator Rasha, she uttered that “I am extremely proud to receive this prestigious award, the Doctorate of Letters(D.Litt) Honoris Causa. Special thanks to Dr. Suresh Bhosale, Chancellor of Krishna Vishwa University, and the full board for this honor, to recognize my efforts & commitment towards Women Empowerment, Girl Education, and Patient Care transformation in Africa and other developing countries. This award is very close to my heart and means a lot to me.”

Chancellor of Krishna World University, Dr.Suresh Bhosale intensified “We were pleased to honor Dr. Rasha Kelej with a Doctorate of Letters (D.Litt), Honoris Causa. She deserves it, an ardent social worker & reformer working for women’s empowerment & social justice. She has been traveling all over Africa, even to the remote rural regions, creating awareness & providing health care. She has provided relief & solace to thousands of families. As CEO of the Merck Foundation, she has provided scholarships to many African doctors to train in specialties & super specialties in centers around the world.”

For the past 10 years, Dr. Rasha Kelej has worked closely with more than 20 African First Ladies as Ambassadors of Merck Foundation and Ministries of Health, Education, Information, Communication, Gender, Academia, Media, and Art societies in 50 countries.

Through Merck Foundation, she has helped to break the infertility stigma and transform patient care by providing more than 1470 scholarships to doctors from 50 countries in 32 medical specialties.

Her ‘Educating Linda’ program seeks to promote and grant scholarships to girl-child to further their education, one she is most passionate about.

She currently hosts a pan-African TV program “Our Africa” to sensitize communities about social and health issues through fashion and art.

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