Yara Ghana cautions against presence of fake fertilisers

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Yara Ghana cautions against presence of fake fertilisers
Yara Ghana cautions against presence of fake fertilisers

Yara Ghana Limited has cautioned users of its fertilisers to be wary of fake fertilisers been packaged in Yara branded sacks on the market.

According to the company, some unscrupulous persons have resorted to putting fake products into Yara branded sacks and selling them as Yara products at very cheap prices to the unsuspecting public.

“What these criminals do is to find old, or used Yara sacks and put in their own products, and sell to the unsuspecting public,” the company said in a release signed by its Managing Director, Danquah Addo-Yobo.

Another approach of these criminal elements is to print their own bags with the Yara logo on it to deceive the public that they are Yara products, the statement noted.
“Our investigations reveal that this criminal activity is widespread nationwide but more prevalent in the three northern regions.

We have had reports of people buying such products and complaining that the fertilizer they bought is not working.

Yara therefore wishes to state that it has not reduced the quality of its products and will never do so. Yara dissociates itself from such fake products,” it added.

The company therefore, urged the general public, and farmers in particular, to be alert to the activities of these criminals and to be very careful when they go to buy Yara fertilizers on the market.

The company further urged the general public to take note of the following when purchasing Yara products:
The price of the fake products tends to be much cheaper than the prevailing market prices.
Watch out for the sewing of the bags. The sewing on the fake bags tend not to be as good as the original Yara fertilizer bags.

If the printing on the bags is suspicious, or looks different from the normal Yara bags, be cautious.
If the bag looks suspicious in any way or different from what you are used to, be cautious.

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