Afrinvest Unveils New Identity

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In commemoration of Afrinvest 27 years of operation, the investment and research company, recently announced its plans to become a capital market holding company and digital investment bank.

The company made this known as it prepares to unveil its new identity on October 26, 2022. The rebranding exercise will align with its global appeal and determination to serve wider markets in its new phase of operation.

The firm will also unveil Optimus by Afrinvest and the 2022 Banking Sector Report.

Speaking at a pre-launch press conference in Lagos, the group managing director, Afrinvest West Africa Plc, Ike Chioke, said, since the publication of Afrinvest 2021 Nigerian Banking Sector report, ‘Resilience Amidst Endemic and Pandemic Constraints’, the bullish projections for the global economy in 2022 had been undermined by deteriorating fundamentals.

According to him, the increasingly gloomy projections have been the upshot of mounting downside risks, further inhibiting a world economy yet to fully shrug off the impact of the Coronavirus Disease.

Chioke described Optimus by Afrinvest as a financial technology solution that helps customers do the most by harmonising banking, wealth management and brokerage needs into one simple platform.

Optimus, he said, is changing the way people interact with money to achieve financial freedom. Chioke added, “our risk management policy ensures that we prioritise asset class diversification and execute clients’ transactions in line with global best practices. We have built specifically for you a personalised digital wealth management neobank platform that provides bespoke and innovative financial services to help you reach the peak in your finances.”

The Afrinvest GMD listed some of the products to be offered as; OptiFlex(naira/dollar), a high-yield investment account that allows one to save periodically to reach a certain target; OptiLock (naira/dollar), which allows one to set aside a lump sum of money for a fixed period (three months to two years) for an attractive interest.

He said the funds saved on Optimus were invested through Afrinvest Asset Management Limited, an independent investment manager in Nigeria, saying, “the AAML, licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a portfolio manager, has over 20 years’ experience.”

Also, the managing director/chief business officer, Optimus by Afrinvest, Ayodeji Ebo described Optimus by Afrinvest as a one-stop shop for different products, adding that, all the products of the subsidiaries would come under Optimus by Afrinvest where they could also be accessed.

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