Allianz Nigeria pays N2.78m claims in 60 minutes

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Allianz Nigeria says it is keeping to its promise of settling motor insurance claims within 60 minutes having paid N2,784,225 million to 53 policyholders since its nationwide campaign “The 60 minutes revolution” began on February 17, 2020.

Speaking at the launch of the initiative, Executive Director, Allianz Nigeria, Owolabi Salami, said the firm understands that complete customer satisfaction is not solely about giving competitive rates or swift delivery of policy documents but also how quickly it can have claims resolved; how quickly it can help its customers get back on track to achieving set goals and objectives.
Salami stressed further that, “In a society as fast paced as ours where every other aspect of life maybe grappling for attention, Allianz Nigeria has surely begun revolutionising the Nigerian Insurance Industry.

“After lodgement, the necessary requirements for prompt claims settlement are: filled claims form, estimate of repairs, picture of affected parts showing a full view of the vehicle and Police report (In cases of theft, vandalism or multiple accident).
“Allianz Nigeria expresses its gratitude to the numerous customers that have benefited from the 60 minutes campaign. The company is also committed to continue to provide excellent service delivery of the highest standards.”

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