Axion Introduces Solutions to Improve Road Maintenance, Construction

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Axion Global Engineering has introduced the use of tuffcrete and Bitumen Booster to permanently address road and building construction challenges.

Meanwhile, these products, coupled with soil based stabiliser for road construction and the innovative uses of tuffcrete in the building industry with plaster and screeding improves the durability of road pavements as well as reducing cost of road constructions.

According to the Managing Director of Axion Global Engineering Limited, a subsidiary of Axion Canada, to Mr. David Wilson, Tuffcrete was revolutionising the world of construction, saving time and effort, labour, raw materials and cost.

While enumerating the advantages of the products, he stated that general engineering infrastructure costs are significantly lowered and specifically, the following construction challenges are resolved easily Land reclamation, Concrete dead weight leading to high reinforcement cost, dampness occasioned by capillary action, peeling of walls, low bearing capacity etc.

He added that the Bitumen Booster interacts with the natural molecular structure of bitumen used in asphalt batching to substantially increase its strength, while adding higher resistance to the sun’s UV rays which deteriorates the strength of bitumen over time.

He stressed that, the ABB increases the volume of the bitumen by more than 30 per cent. “ABB is effective in a 100-degree temperature range and can be adjusted as required. In lower temperature, the bitumen’s elasticity is increased preventing it from cracking. In high temperatures, it is stiffer; not allowing it to melt to the sides exposing the aggregate.”

“The ABB reduces rutting problem by over 84 per cent substantially increasing the life expectancy of the asphalt layer.

“It is the only organic polymer in the world that is environmentally friendly used in enhancing the quality of the bitumen and asphalt layer, unlike petroleum-based polymers that deteriorate with time,” he said.

In addition, Wilson said, the ABB does not require special equipment or specialised technicians to apply it. It is added directly to the bitumen as soon as it reaches its melting point.

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