DPR launches digital device to promote transparency in dispensing of petrol products

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The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) takes a move to introduce a device, Digital Seraphin Can, to promote accuracy and transparency in dispensing of petroleum products across the country.

The DPR Head of Public Affairs Abuja, Mr. Sadiu Abubakar led some journalists in monitoring some sealed filling station in Abuja recently. He said, the device was one of major moves to help ensure smooth operation by marketers.

Abubakar explained further that, “The digital Seraphin Can is of many advantages to the consumers, marketers and to the Nigerian Government because of its role.”

“This is because you will never achieve anything without accuracy and you know what it means to government revenue.” He said.

Abubakar mentioned that, “This is why DPR is insisting that it cannot continue with use of analogue machine to check what the marketers are doing. The Digital Seraphin Can is very efficient. The device would help to check safety, gauge temperature and ensure accuracy.”

Speaking on monitoring of the filling stations, Abubakar said it was to ensure that they were working in line with government policies as the ember months approach. DPR Abuja had conducted a technical audit of all petrol stations in Abuja.”

“We audited about 316 of them out of which 10 were found to be below standard and we have asked them to upgrade their stations. Five out of the 10 have upgraded and they are operational and we have gone around the remaining five, where we discovered that they are beyond redemption.” He analyzed.

“What they have to do is serious upgrade before they will be allowed to operate,” he said.

He said part of the exercise was to ensure that fuel supply and distribution consistency was maintained.

“We need to look ahead, very soon, we are entering the ember months and it is during this period that we have issues of supply gap and the rest of them. We need to be on ground to make sure that everybody celebrates the yuletide in a very happy and good mood.” he added.

Two of the sealed filling stations are JIBEC filling station and ASIO and Sons limited all located in Gwagwalada Area Council, on the outskirts of Abuja.

Speaking to the, DPR Abuja Zonal Controller, Mr. Buba Abubakar, he re-emphasised that the purpose of the auditing of filling stations was to ensure smooth and uninterrupted supply of petroleum products.

“We are going into ember months, that is why we have audited the filling stations first.” He said.

“I am telling the marketers that we are going to sustain our surveillance, so, they should be careful with what they are doing.” Buba added.

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