FNB, Fetola partners to launch initiative to grow social entrepreneurs

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To advance entrepreneurs and financial growth in the economy, the First National Bank in alliance with Fetola Business Growth Professional has recently announced the launch of a small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) development initiative to help grow South African social entrepreneurs.

Also, the two-year “Social Entrepreneurship Impact Lab” will empower 25 existing ‘for profit’ businesses who already operate in the social entrepreneurship space and have genuine potential to scale. The entries for participants opened on September 2.

The head of enterprise development at the bank Heather Lowe commented and said, “the launch of the programme forms is part of FNB’s broader strategy to provide meaningful support to SMEs as productive drivers of inclusive economic growth and development in South Africa.”

It was also mentioned that the programme is anticipating for entrepreneurs who can solve community-based challenges in areas such as education, food sustainability, healthcare, safety, and environmental sustainability.

In addition, the SME specialist Fetola’s CEO Catherine Wijnberg said companies in South Africa were also involved through having an important role to play in nurturing and growing small businesses through enterprise supplier development programmes and collaboration with like-minded stakeholders.

“It is only through such initiatives and strategic partnerships that we can truly make an impact in solving some of the major societal issues facing the country,” she said.

Source: African News Agency (ANA)


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