Hollard Life Unveils “Adepa three” to Boost financial inclusion

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As part of efforts to improve the financial inclusion agenda, Hollard Life has newly introduced the Adepa three, to enable customers to create and secure better futures.

Speaking on the lunch, Managing Director of Hollard Life Assurance Nashiru Iddrisu explained that the competitive insurance sector calls for innovative products which will be appealing to Ghanaians.

“The Life Insurance industry in Ghana is competitive and thriving. With over 20 players, any company worth its salt must be innovative in its approach to service delivery. It’s not just about simple life policies; it’s about the innovative benefits and terms that make difference in policyholders’ futures” he said.

“As part of our strategy to provide value-added products and a first in our market, last year, we launched the Adepa Family Plan. This is a product that truly covers every member of the nuclear and extended family and up to 24 others.

“The Adepa Family plan also gives free cover to five of the policyholder’s children with a guaranteed 20% of the premium as money back after every five years, whether a claim was made or not,” he added.

Head of Operations for Hollard Life Assurance Dorothy Salifu noted that the products which does not only provide insurance needs were designed to meet the saving needs of their customers.

“We wanted to create awareness for Ghanaians to continue to save, despite the recent financial crisis. Saving is still a need for every Ghanaian and therefore we created a well-designed package to give them that opportunity. The products give you the full control of your savings and at the same time protect your savings,” she said.

The products

Adepa Wo Fie is a simple family-oriented plan with a single premium where your spouse and 5 of your children are covered for free. With as low as GHC27.00 a month, you can cover 7 members of your family.

Adepa Goal Save this is designed for everyone with a specific target goal within a medium to long term. Set your goal and your timeline and we will quote the fixed monthly contributions needed to achieve the goal set. Your goal amount is assured even in the event of death.

Adepa Savings Plan Designed for everyone who has a need for savings and a very secured future especially those who earn regular incomes. The plan permits partial withdrawals and gives very flexible access to policy benefits after 5 years.




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