HP Unveils ‘HP Amplify’ to enhance Customer Experience

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HP Inc. has unveiled ‘HP Amplify,’ a global channel partner program that will drive dynamic partner growth and deliver consistent end customer experiences.

According to the technology company, the new offering which was said to have been built on a single, integrated structure, provides the insights, capabilities and collaboration tools needed to drive growth as digital transformation and customer purchasing behaviors continue to evolve. The company pointed out that the new program goes into effect in November for commercial partners with retail partners slated to transition in the second half of 2021.

By consolidating HP’s best partner products, tools and trainings into one intuitive program, HP Amplify removes complexity, making it easier for partners to take advantage of its many benefits and engage customers on a deeper level.

Now comprised of just two distinct tracks – Synergy and Power – with clear compensation levels, HP Amplify provides partners with the flexibility to invest in value-added services and capabilities. The more a partner invests in these capabilities, the higher the rewards.

According to HP Chief Commercial Officer, Christoph Schell, he said “Today’s buyer expects streamlined, automated and personalised experiences. To thrive in this changing environment – with data as the new currency – requires a combined shift to relate to our customers as individuals, not markets”.

He further explained that, “HP Amplify not only makes it easier for partners to do business with HP – it provides partners with a clear path to ready their business and succeed in today’s environment and beyond – to capitalise on emerging trends and play a central role in the evolving customer buying journey”.

With the introduction of HP Amplify, HP is taking decisive actions to capitalise on shifts that have seen customers buying more products and services through digital channels. By so doing, HP is arming partners for future growth and to deliver a more satisfying customer experience.

“HP and its partners have an enormous and exciting opportunity to reinvent the way we do business and our route-to-market,” said Luciana Broggi, HP’s Global Head of HP Route-to-Market.

“Yet addressing these opportunities requires overcoming system inadequacies, legacy habits and embracing new business models. We’re making this leap together, embracing and investing in important changes to our ecosystem and our shared capabilities.”

Designed to enable progressive go-to-market strategies that cater to a combination of transactional, contractual and hybrid selling models, HP Amplify focuses on three core pillars: performance, capabilities and collaboration.

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