Meristem Wealth Management Unveils N1bn Exchange Traded Funds

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Meristem Wealth Management Limited has announced a N1 billion offer for subscription of two Exchange Traded Fund (ETFs), Meristem Growth ETF and Meristem Value ETF.

According to the firm, the two ETFs track the NSE-Meristem Growth Index and NSE-Meristem Value Index respectively. These are style indices which provide investors with a wide array of diversified stocks, professionally selected after satisfying the criteria and will thus be managed by dedicated fund managers.

Specifically, the offer is 50 million units each of the Meristem Growth ETF and the Meristem value ETF at N10 per unit. The two offers opened on February 25, 2020 and will close on April 2, 2020.

Commenting on the development, the Managing Director, Meristem Wealth Management, Sulaiman Adedokun explained that as a company Meristem is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to create wealth opportunities for clients.

Adedokun added that, as a way of adding unique value to investors, the Meristem Growth ETF is designed to track growth stock whilst the Meristem Value ETF will track value stocks.

“This strategy avails investors a dual purpose, with an investment style that allows them to meet specific need using abroad product portfolio. The ETFs can be described as “The Jack of the Trade” as it offers investors opportunities to achieve their investment desires in the equity market while shielding them from excessive risk. The indices being tracked by the ETFs are reviewed semi-annually, to ensure that all stock selected under each index keeps delivering on their promise”.

Recently, Meristem in partnership with the Nigerian Stock Exchange organised the smart investing workshop on “Using Exchange Traded Funds as a proxy for investing in Nigerian equities” in a bid to sensitise different classes of investors on the benefit of ETF investments.


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