Newmont Signs Four-Year Agreement with Two Partner Universities

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Leading gold mining company, Newmont Goldcorp Ghana has signed a four-year agreement with two partner universities, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) and the University of Mines and Technology (UMaT) at Tarkwa in the Western Region, to develop the skills set and train the next generation of leaders for the mining industry.

The initiative is to create a robust and diverse talent pipeline for the future needs of the mining industry.

Vice President for Human Resource at Newmont Goldcorp Ghana, Ms Awo Quaison, said the company had collaborated with the academic institutions for many years, on various initiatives such as internship, research opportunities and other consulting work for their mutual benefit.

“The Memorandum of Understanding we sign now formalises the relationship and reinforces our commitment to enhancing education in the country, promoting inclusion, diversity and the growth of the mining industry,” she said.

She added that the partnership with the universities was hinged on three key elements, which were the University Partnership, Student Engagement and Newmont Goldcorp Programmes.

Ms Quaison explained that under the university partnership, Newmont Goldcorp would appoint executive sponsors who would act as primary liaisons between the universities and the mining firm.

They would engage with the teaching staff to ensure that academic programmes aligned with industry and business needs.

“They, along with Newmont Goldcorp leads, will partner directly with department heads and faculty to influence curriculum, share knowledge, offer industry exposure and identify new and innovative ways to partner with universities,” she said.

“The Student Engagement programme, on the other hand, is expected to build the capacity of students from partner universities through workshops and facilitate alumni engagement.

“One key objective for us is to generate interest in the mining industry among female students and help students build meaningful relationships with industry associations,” Ms Quaison added.

The Newmont Goldcorp Programme also entails assisting to nurture up-and-coming mining professionals.

Some of the activities in that category include internships, underground graduate talent programme and the underground local talent programmes, which are designed for advancing inclusion and diversity agenda, not only for women, but for the youth in the communities where the company operates.

Acting Senior Director, Communications and External Relation at Newmont Goldcorp Ghana, Mr Agbeko Kwame Azumah, said the partnership with the universities shared the common focus of building the capacity of students and new graduates, promoting inclusion and diversity and youth empowerment.

“Over the years, we have provided opportunities for students in tertiary institutions across the country to gain practical skills, work experience and a deeper understanding of the mining industry,” Mr Azumah said.

The Vice Chancellor of UMat, Professor J.S.Y. Kuma expressed his gratitude to Newmont Goldcorp Ghana for providing a platform for students and academic staff engagement to achieve mutual goals.


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