Odotobri Rural Bank offers scholarship to 59 students

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Odotobri Rural Bank, located at Jacobu in the Amansie Central district of the Ashanti Region has offered scholarships and bursaries totalling GH¢26,700 to fifty-nine brilliant but needy students as part of its corporate social responsibilities.

The bank received 126 applications, out of which fifty-nine students were selected after a thorough vetting by the Scholarship Committee.

The selected beneficiaries are forty-five continuing students from various tertiary institutions and fourteen students from Akoako ICCES Technical Vocation Centre.

The Chief Executive Officer of the bank, Mr. Abraham Coffie, in the company of Board Chairperson Mrs. Georgina Addai and other management staff, presented the cheque for GH¢26,700 – which was received by Samuel A. Agaga of Integrated Community Centre for Employable Skills (ICCES), Afoako, on behalf of the students.

The Board Chairperson, Mrs. Georgina Addai, in an interview said that the criteria for selection to the scholarship scheme were very fair and transparent.

She mentioned that parents or wards of prospective beneficiaries of the scheme should be shareholders of the bank as the principal criterion, and the student must be brilliant but needy and hail from any of the bank’s operational territories.

The Board Chairperson believes that this financial assistance will propel and encourage beneficiaries of the scheme to study extra hard in order to develop their full potential, so that they can contribute their quota to national and community development.

She further advised the students to devote much time for their books and desist from paying attention to trivial and needless activities that waste their time instead of making enough time to study, so that they can become responsible citizens and make meaningful contributions to society.

Samuel Agaga of Integrated Community Centre for Employable Skills (ICCES) at Afoako expressed his appreciation on behalf of all the beneficiaries. He applauded the bank for its initiative to support their education, and urged the parents of prospective beneficiaries to do business with the bank to enable it sustain the scheme and bring development to the various communities.

Odotobri Rural Bank Limited has consistently over the years awarded bursaries to brilliant but needy students in the communities in which it operates.

One of the reasons the bank delights in granting bursaries is to develop these young minds, who will become future leaders in different capacities and contribute meaningfully to human life. 

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