Sony, Kontakt Pro Nigeria partner to Unveil the Cinema Line in Nigeria

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Sony Middle East and Africa in partnership with Kontakt Pro Nigeria Ltd., has held the first launch and exhibition of Sony’s cinema line cameras in Nigeria.

The event, which took place in Lagos recently was described by industry watchers as a huge step towards engaging emerging talents, key players and stakeholders in Nollywood and the media production industry.

The experiential event which included hands-on demonstrations, in-depth product presentations and discussions with Sony experts from UAE and Japan, was also used to announce the arrival of its newest addition to the brand’s prestigious Cinema Line – the FX30 (model ILME-FX30). Also showcased at the event were the FX3, the FX6 and the FX9 full-frame digital cameras, with superior colour science technology, high resolution sensors up to 6k, exceptional dynamic range for any light setting and fully optimized for fast workflow. A key highlight of these cameras are their Netflix Production Technology alliance, a delight for today’s content creators.

“It is important to Sony to make the life of a cinematographer easy,” said Arvin Orsua, Product Marketing Manager at Sony Middle East & Africa.” As a cinematographer, Sony fulfils its promise to support creators’ needs with camera features that make operation simple and output outstanding.”

For decades Sony has worked with the creative community by providing support and supplying tools made by Cinematographers for Cinematographers. The DNA from top film industries and the frontier of digital imaging come together to create a line of powerful creative tools designed to capture emotion in every frame and unleash the true power of visual storytelling from every corner of content creation.

“The new FX30 is a great fit for anyone looking to get started in filmmaking,” said Sajeer Shamsu, Head of Digital Imaging at Sony Middle East & Africa. “It features many of the professional features of our high-end cameras at a price point that makes it easily accessible for filmmakers in the Middle East and Africa region at any level. This camera is an excellent starting point to our full line-up of Cinema Line Cameras.”

“We live in a new age of content consumption, where we can choose to connect with distant people, unseen places, exotic cultures, and untold stories at will. We can change the way we experience the world, and connecting people’s emotion through powerful storytelling is the motivation behind Sony’s cinema production technology” Shamsu noted.

In a statement, Country Manager for Product Marketing, Nigeria, Ms. Bukola Oloyede expressed delight in the film technology that Sony is making available to content creators. In addition, she said, “We are dedicated to the next generation of motion picture storytellers.” She also encouraged everyone to become members of the Alpha Universe platform because, “it’s a great resource for providing members with access to more peering reviews, educational content, talent showcasing and information about Sony’s growing influence, product line and competitive awards, not just in Nigeria but across the Middle East and Africa region”, she concluded.

Also, a highlight of the event was the recognition of the Sales team at Kontakt Pro Nigeria Ltd and the authorised Sony dealers for their contribution and market support for the brand. Among the recipients were Camera Joint, Okey Japan, Brownmark Ltd., Faith Ventures, Goodmark Global Stores, Photobliz Global Enterprise, Express Digital Center, Embro Digital Galleria and Blessed Dan Computer Ventures Ltd.
Speaking on the award presentation, Mr. Shin Hayatani-San, Director of Marketing at Sony Middle East and Africa said, “Our dealers and retailers are a huge part of our value chain, and we will continue to provide the support they need to not only strengthen but expand Sony’s growing value share in the market.”

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