Vodafone Ghana opens new retail shop in Accra Mall to enhance customer experience

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Africa’s leading mobile telecommunications company, Vodafone Ghana has opened a new Retail Shop within the Accra Mall to improve customer convenience and enhance the service experience.

The new shop, which is located around the banking area, is part of Vodafone Ghana’s broader strategy to excite and retain customers by offering satisfying and compelling experiences, and differentiated products and services that improve brand loyalty.

The newly opened shop will enhance in-store engagement, manage footfall and improve customers’ access to Vodafone’s innovative products and services.

Additionally, it will support the telco’s initiative to provide a balanced customer experience, which seeks to give customers a seamless experience no matter where they engage with Vodafone Ghana’s products and services.

A specialised concierge is the initial point of contact for visitors to the shop.

The many Retail Advisor stations and the Vodafone Business Desk make sure that corporate, fixed, and mobile clients get services and solutions quickly.

The store also has a mobile device display lounge where customers can see the newest smartphones and other communication devices.

Commenting on the need for the new space, David Umoh, the Director of the Consumer Business Unit, stressed that it was all about offering customers more convenience.

“This is another proud moment for us in our commitment to offer customers more convenience and to serve them in a timely and world-class fashion. We realised that the former shop, which was inside the mall, was not so visible. So we have moved to a new, much more visible location so that customers can easily find us. This new location is also three times bigger, which means we can now engage more customers conveniently.”

The shop relocation comes amidst Vodafone Ghana’s CARE Month celebration, which is taking place in October. Under the theme “Celebrate Service,” the initiative rewards Vodafone Ghana customers at different points of contact.

Customers, members of Vodafone Ghana’s Senior Management Team, and staff from the Accra Mall store, as well as some Vodafone Ghana employees, were at the short ceremony.

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