85 companies to execute solar energy projects in Egypt

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Eighty-Five local companies intend to enforce the services of the solar energy feed-in tariff projects in Benban Aswan after the registration of their data and getting approvals to work in the projects by Hassan Allam Company, which is responsible for managing services at the projects’ location.

According to Hossam Allam, the CEO of Hassan Allam services, a tender was launched to implement the external fence of the projects in Benban on an area of 25 sqm. The tender was settled by the win of companies owned by people from Benban. The fence will be completed within three weeks.

Allam said that 33 companies, among 85 registered to implement the services in Hassan Allam, are owned by the people of Benban and if the cost of the service exceeded EGP 100,000, the services would be launched in a tender for all companies.

The companies registered in Hassan Allam will be handling the offering services in the projects’ location, including building fences, levelling grounds, providing labourers, and water, and removing and recycling dangerous waste.

However, Hassan Allam won the tender to manage the services and facilities of the solar energy projects in Benban in Aswan after a competition with several local and international companies.

The number of the companies taking part in the feed-in tariff projects with their first and second phases is 32, aiming to implement solar energy production projects of a capacity of 1500 MW through solar energy plants with capacities ranging 20 to 50 MW.

According to the minister of electricity and renewable energy, Mohamed Shaker, implementing the plants will be completed in accordance with the feed-in tariff system during the first half of the next year. The investments to implement the project are estimated at $2bn.

“The state is ready to contract with Arab and foreign companies to implement new and renewable energy plants, as many competitive bids have recently been launching. Reverse auctions are also prepared to be launched soon,” He added.

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