Advans La Fayette MFB Appoints New Executives

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A financial institution known for promoting small businesses Advans La Fayette Microfinance Bank has announced the appointment of new executives to drive its progressive transformation into a growth-oriented, customer-centred institution according to its national licence status upgrade.

In a statement, the Managing Director of the bank, Gaëtan Debuchy is responsible with the task of repositioning the bank.

The statement also explained that, the new MD was expected to deliver expert services to transform the bank into an expanded financial services organisation that drives customer satisfaction, Small Medium Scale Enterprise (SME) growth and become a reference in the banking industry.

The statement expatiated that, Obinna Ukachukwu, as the Chief Executive Officer is expected to combine marketing and communications, risk, back office operations, business development management and strategy into one combined function.

“Completing the list is Jean-Luc Nzoubou, also appointed as a Deputy/Chief executive officer, Nzoubou is backed with solid experience in the launching and rapid growth of affiliates, in Cameroon and Ivory Coast, with an absolute knowledge of the Advans Group, and comes to Advans LaFayette with a proven expertise in people management and microfinance operations.

In addition, “This is a building block in Advans La Fayette Microfinance Bank transformational journey, as the organization is moving quickly to structure for faster growth and also to ensure they are positioned to respond to the needs of SMEs, customers, and partners focusing on strategy, governance and vital strategic initiatives.”


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