Coca-Cola Eyes U.S. $12 Million Fruit Factory in Uganda

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American multinational beverage corporation, the Coca-Cola Company will be relieved to hear that the highly awaited fruit factory in Uganda will commence operations soon. The $12 million rated fruit factory has not operated since its construction began back in 2015, suffering a heavy setback to the key players and the farmers who had anticipated for its operations.

Coca-Cola had eyed its services a year later after its set-up but has been discouraged since its operations had not kicked off. The manufacturer had opted to import some concentrates from Uganda’s neighboring state, Kenya to support their production. It simply broke the business opportunity for Uganda which could have heavily supported the government with some hefty revenues.

President John Magufuli is set though to commission the processing plant that should be operational in few months time. The President is expected to commission the facility in August after which the plant will be eligible to carry out its services. The factory should undertake commercial production at first, aiming to serve the hungry market.

Farmers have been picked out to supply the factory with the fruits to keep a smooth flow of the business schedule. It will be a great chance for the farmers to elevate their economic lifestyle. With the revenue generated from the sale of their fruits to the factory, it would be some help to continue with their commercial farming. It poses an opportunity for development in the country’s economy as a whole with job opportunities to the citizens as well.

Coca-Cola is a well-known company whose print in the country would be an ideal picture for great investors looking to pitch up in the country. The factory would be an ideal investment for the retailer who has experienced a series of success in different parts of the globe.

It will be a great marketing strategy to the existing market fending off potential competitors for the multi-million facility. Key players are optimistic the facility will benefit the country and meet their interests at large.

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