Discovery Bank customers introduces an iPhone for Vitality Active Rewards

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The Financial institution in Newlands East, South Africa Discovery Bank has disclosed that, customers can now get an iPhone when they activate the Vitality Active Rewards based on the type of account they have and credit they have available.

It was stated that customers can fund their new iPhone in full, provided if they have the correct Discovery Bank product and achieve all of their weekly Vitality Active Rewards exercise, drive and money goals.

It was further stressed that, only Discovery Bank clients with only Vitality Money active can activate the benefit and earn a cash back on their monthly installment. The maximum monthly cash back is dependent on the Discovery Bank product and ranges between R500 and R715.

Hence, the bank explicated the product: customers can maximise their cash back by activating all three of the Vitality Active Rewards.

If customers don’t meet any of their Vitality Active Rewards goals, they will forfeit their monthly cash back and will have to pay the full installment amount due on their qualifying account.

There is no activation fee to activate the Vitality Active Rewards with iPhone benefit.

The bank explained that, the iPhone that customers qualify for depends on their Discovery Bank product and credit available at the time of purchase at iStore.

The steps to follow to complete the activation follows:

Download the Discovery app

Activate Vitality Active Rewards on the latest Discovery app 

Browse the iPhones you may qualify for on the Discovery Bank app

Visit istore to select your iPhone and complete your iPhone activation

Achieve all of the Vitality Active Rewards goals over 24 months

The bank also highlighted various iPhones that go with the different Discovery Bank products:

Discovery Bank product                             iPhone

Discovery Platinum Card                         iPhone 8 – 64GB

Discovery Platinum full banking suite     iPhone XR – 64GB

Discovery Black Card                              iPhone XR – 64GB

Discovery Black full banking suite           iPhone 11 – 64GB

Discovery Purple full banking suite          iPhone 11 Pro – 64GB


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