Easy money management with the Standard Bank app

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It can be stressful to manage your finances while ensuring your financial goals are on track. Having a banking app that puts you in complete control of your money plays an essential role in this.

The Standard Bank App is designed to give you a simpler, safer and smarter banking experience while helping you with money management. Here’s how:

24/7 access to your money and the Standard Bank features

From daily banking to opening new accounts online, making immediate payments and getting any necessary statements, letters and certificates – it’s all available at your fingertips. You can use the app to buy prepaid electricity, data and airtime, play the Lotto, or even buy food, lifestyle or gaming vouchers for a loved one.

The app also enables you to explore products that could help you grow your money, finance your lifestyle, and help you track your spending, saving and investing.

Customise the Standard Bank App

Enjoy a personalised and seamless banking experience within the app by adding extra features (in the form of widgets or add-ons) to the banking app’s home screen for free. This gives you access to a wide range of products, services and resources, with the ability to add or remove them according to your banking needs.

The Standard Bank Add-on Store can be located on the top left of the app’s home screen, with new features added regularly. In addition to the app’s standard features, you can add functions, such as:

Future payments
Recent transactions
A virtual card
Access to
Investment and trading tools
Make it work for you

Easily access your preferred or most-used accounts and features by adding them to the app’s home screen to make it convenient to perform the banking functions most important to you. You can add, re-order or remove them as you like, or even rate and review them to help Standard Bank make your self-service banking experience better.

View your wealth and assets in one place

Standard Bank’s award-winning My360 app can be integrated into the banking app to provide you with a holistic view of your entire financial life across different institutions and platforms. By adding the My360 app and linking all your accounts, it’s easier to monitor and manage all your assets, wealth and financial products from one versatile dashboard.

Experience easy and secure banking on the go by downloading the Standard Bank App from the App Store or Google Play.

Source:Standard Bank

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