Fidelity Bank Ghana Launches ‘Fast and Easy Loan’ Product

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Fidelity Bank Launches Fast and Easy Loan

Fidelity Bank has launched a new simplified loan facility to ease the financing needs of their customers and non-customers alike.

Called Fidelity Fast and Easy Loan, the new product will enable anybody access a quick loan from Fidelity Bank within 24 hours without any complicated paper work.

Managing Director of the Bank, Jim Baiden said the Fast and Easy Loan is carefully designed to help Ghanaians protect their money and still get a loan to do anything they want to do.

According to Mr. Baiden, Fidelity is advising all customers and non-customers of the bank not to spend the money they have but to entrust it with the bank so it can even add value to it by way of paying interest on the deposit and at the same time take a Fidelity Fast and Easy Loan instead to do whatever they want to do, whether to finance business, pay their bills, pay school fees, buy a car or a house.

“The Fidelity Fast and Easy Loan, as the name suggests, is a product designed to enable customers have quick access to loans which are secured with cash in the form of savings or investment.

This means that every customer who has an investment or savings with Fidelity Bank has an equal opportunity to secure loans up to 90percent equivalent to the amount he or she has lodged with the bank,” he said.

The advice to all Ghanaians is that: “bring to Fidelity Bank the Ghana Cedis, Dollars, Pounds, Euros in your hands and Fidelity Bank will give you a Fast and Easy Loan that will cost you a net interest rate of only 10percent within a matter of only 24 hours,” he added.

Mr. Baiden explained that repayment is flexible; the loan can be re-paid in 12 months or any duration suitable to the customer.

“The icing on the cake is that if the customer is able to pay the loan fully within 12 months, the bank will give back 10percent of the interest paid to the customer to say thank you. All Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians resident in the country qualify to take a Fidelity Fast and Easy Loan. It does not matter whether Fidelity Bank is your Bank or not, you will qualify,” he added.

He noted that access to credit has been a major challenge within the banking and finance sector in the past years making it difficult for business men and women to run their ventures without hitches.

“As a bank, we always think strategically to solve client problems and help ease the burden on the industry we find ourselves in. At Fidelity Bank, we believe that difficult situations lead to enviable solutions.

We have therefore created an innovative product to ease the burden on individuals seeking financial assistance in their businesses and personal lives,” he said.

With Fidelity Bank attaining a decade in banking, Mr. Baiden noted that as part of efforts to celebrate the anniversary, the bank is offering this loan at 10percent real interest rate.

“What is amazing about this product is that customers use their deposits as collateral as they take the loan and pay back with an interest of just 10percent per annum. This rate is very competitive in the market and we are proud to be the bank behind it all,” he added.

He hopes that with this new product, customers can solve financial problems with ease and at speed for personal reasons or business purposes.

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