Ghana Post, Allianz Ghana partners to launch ‘Post Insurance’

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Ghana Post Services (GPS) in partnership with Allianz Insurance Ghana has launched an insurance package named ‘Post Assurance’. Meanwhile the new product ‘Post ssurance’ is made up of “Allianz Apomuden” and “Allianz Anidaso.”

Explaining further, the Alliance Apomuden has 30 days of hospital admission benefits whilst Allianz Anidaso comes with funeral benefits for the insured or beneficiaries.

Also, Post Assurance policy subscribers can pay premiums at the Post Office or through their mobile money wallets. This comes with the benefit to make partial withdrawals and surrender the policy.

Speaking on the launch, the Managing Director of GPS, James Kwofie said the decision was informed by the need to satisfy various segments of the Ghanaian market. And also, Ghana post has a significant opportunity to meet the needs of customers and to promote financial inclusion in rural areas.

“Ghana post is a trusted brand and friendly to all and sundry,” he assured and further added that Ghana Post with a network of over 300 post offices nationwide, Post Assurance brings insurance products to the doorstep of every Ghanaian.” He said.

The Chief Executive Officer of Allianz Insurance Ghana, Gideon Ataraire, also underscored the importance of Post Assurance.

Among other things, he said it is to sell and distribute life and non-life products.

Their products come with product innovation, affordability and education at the centre of their operations, he said.

He appreciated the new product and said, “We want to ensure that businesses do not collapse, family dreams do not die and children’s education is not truncated due to unforeseen circumstance.”

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