Mrs. Beata Uwamaliza Habyarimana, CEO of Bank of Kigali Group Plc named InstinctBusiness “CEO OF THE WEEK”

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InstinctBusiness Woman “CEO of the Week” is a weekly accreditation of Top performing Chief Executive Officers within the African region, following their achievements, outstanding service, industry experience, visionary leadership, amongst other criteria.

This week, Mrs. Beata Uwamaliza Habyarimana, an economist and financial advisor by profession has emerged as InstinctBusiness Magazine’s “CEO OF THE WEEK” for the Month August 28th-September 3rd, 2022 rankings.

Habyarimana has over 19 years of experience in the financial sector working with domestic, Pan-African, and international organisations as an economist and financial counselor. She served as Minister of Trade and Industry from March 2021 to July 2022.

Mrs. Beata Uwamaliza Habyarimana’s Educational Background

Habyarimana holds a Master of Business Administration majoring in Finance from Maastricht School of Management in Netherlands and a Bachelor degree in Public Economics from the University of Rwanda.

Mrs. Beata Uwamaliza Habyarimana Career Highlights

Mrs. Habyarimana is an economist and financial advisor by profession with over two decades of experience in the financial industry in domestic, Pan-African and international institutions. Previously, she served as Minister of Trade and Industry from March 2021 to July 2022 and prior to that she was Deputy Managing Director of Bank of Africa and Chief Executive Officer of Agaseke Bank.

She has also been the Chief Executive Officer of Agaseke Bank, held Senior Management positions at Banque Populaire du Rwanda, and worked with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as well. Her area of expertise covers business reshuffling and organizational change. She played a key role in establishing the Financial Ethics and Compliance function within the Rwandan financial industry between 2010 and 2013.

Having been among the first female leaders in the Rwandan banking sector, she paid a personal focus on the persistent issue of women financial empowerment. Mrs. Béata is a founding member of New Faces New Voices Rwanda Chapter – a Pan-African advocacy group that focuses on expanding the role and influence of women in the financial sector- and a founding member of Rugori Investment Network, a new Trust Fund created by women and for women investment products. Mrs. Béata has also accumulated experience by siting on various Governance Bodies.

Mrs. Béata Uwamaliza Habyarimana is 47 years old, married with three children.

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